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Trading and Technology 

About us

The main values ​​of our company are experience and trust. Our main channel of customer acquisition is "word of mouth", that speaks of the conformity of our customers. We have a great internal and external team, prepared to solve the challenges of operating a company with international operations and focusing on customer service.





  • Wholesale trade

  • Sourcing services

  • Logistics

  • Quality check 


  • Purchase assistance

  • IT consulting

  • Human resources

  • Logistics 

IT Services

  • Outsourcing

  • Software 

  • Integrations

  • Tech optimizations

 Albizia ventures has managed to solve my problems. They helped me recruit my entire group of employees through his outsourcing service.Thanks to them my company has been consolidated with a large group of capable people to achieve our goal. I owe all this to Albiza ventures.

I totally recommend working with albizia ventures, they have an excellent logistics system. It has made it possible for my company to expand around different parts of the world. The service they provide is very complete. They are an excellent partner that you want to have on your team

Cuando comencé con mi emprendimiento era algo pequeño y muy limitado. Tan pronto como comencé a trabajar con albiza ventures, todos estos límites fueron superados para maximizar mi negocio. Me insertaron en el mundo  del comercio internacional gracias a sus excelentes servicios.

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848 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, EE. UU.

WAP 305 680 6646

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